AlBorj Hair Clinic offers you
what other clinics don’t.

Local Business with Dubai Based Doctor

AlBorj Hair Clinic is fully UAE owned while still conforming to global standards of expertise. Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas, the resident doctor at the Clinic, offers a totally seamless, uninterrupted quality standard of treatment from initial consultation to treatment to follow-up, with 100% satisfaction in delivering quicker and proven quality results.

UAE Registered Doctor with Global Expertise​

Dr. Ziakas possesses over 16 years of global expertise in hair transplantation, having worked in Italy, England, France, Greece, Ireland and Cyprus. Currently a resident doctor in Dubai for over 10 years, he has successfully conducted over 3,000 successful procedures at the AlBorj Hair Clinic. Recognized by the Dubai Health Authority and is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). He has been awarded for his work on hair transplants and has written numerous articles for scientific publications.

Quality Treatment to Insure the Best Natural Results

Dr. Ziakas conducts detailed, top quality treatment manually. This ensures absolute craftsmanship and precision which cannot be replicated by cheap or speedy procedures like fully automated or robotic techniques for hair extraction and transplantation, that can damage the donor area and give less satisfactory final results.

Exclusive VIP Care

As a dedicated doctor at AlBorj Hair Clinic, Dr. Ziakas treats 1 patient a day to ensure his full attention and care is given while conforming to VIP standards. The doctor performs the procedure himself and does not leave it to assistants. After all, you wouldn’t want a nurse operating on you, so why risk it on hair transplant too?