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Hair Transplant

Male Pattern Baldness and its causes Genetics, climate, stress, heart disease, poor nutrition, prostate problems, and chemotherapy are some key factors that contribute to male pattern baldness.

About 60 percent of the male population in the UAE is expected to experience some kind of hair loss in their lifetime, while the average global figure is 40 percent, according to Dubai specialists.

Balding is usually caused by increased sensitivity to the male hormone androgen in some areas of the scalp, which can strike some men even in their teens or early twenties!

How we help you overcome it:
Our proven techniques aid in the restoration of thin hair, receding hairlines or patchy beard growth. From nutritional therapy to balance out hormones and vitamins, as well as our unique Direct Hair implantation, we ensure you can find the option that suits you best.  

Beard Transplant

Beard Hair Loss and scar repair The thinning of beards and moustaches is due to alopecia that’s limited to the beard alone (called alopecia barbae).

It can be noticed as hair loss in the form of circular patches on the face, patchy facial hair growth or inability to grow a beard.

How we help you overcome it:
We offer full beard transplants that can be designed entirely at your discretion and according to your facial shape.

Our unique Direct Hair implantation along with personalized nutritional therapy balances out your hormones and vitamins, to ensure you regain your natural look, while delivering healthy results and a refreshingly redefined appearance!

Scar Repair

Hair grafts will grow in scar tissue, so it’s possible to have a hair transplant performed over a scar. If the tissue is thickened or raised, local steroid injections may help to flatten it, but once the scar is smooth, the transplant can be performed as normal.

Areas of scar tissue can have a reduced level of blood supply compared to normal areas of the scalp. Meaning that the grafts should not be placed too close together, otherwise it will lead to poor growth.

Transplants on scar tissue: Aftercare
In the first few days after a hair transplant, new hair grafts should be carefully inspected, especially in areas with scar tissue as the grafts can be accidentally dislodged. The grafts should be kept moisturised with dedicated aftercare sprays to promote healing.

What happens after a hair transplant on existing scar tissue
It is important to remember that a hair transplant result is very much influenced by the characteristics of your donor hair (hair calibre, colour & curl) – so no transplant can achieve a thickness or appearance that is inconsistent with your original hair. During your consultation at AlBorj, our expertise enables us to provide a realistic picture of the results of what you should expect to see.

WOMEN's Treatments

Eyebrow Restoration

Thinning, faded or pale eyebrows cause concern due to heat, stress, pressure  and genetics. It can destroy the shape, character and expression of your face. In recent years, the trend has skewed towards having thicker, well-shaped eyebrows.  

How we help you overcome it:
The Au Naturale Technique is ideal for the reconstruction of eyebrows. The precision of our Implanter allows us to place new hairs at the exact angle and direction to recreate a totally natural looking eyebrow. The process of recreating your eyebrows is simple, painless and accomplished in a few sittings/ quickly restoring and highlighting the overall look of your face.

Personalized solutions for Women

Women tend to lose hair due to a variety of reasons, such as physical and emotional stress, diet, thyroid disease, genetic hair loss, menopause, medications such as chemotherapy, or a traumatic experience.

At AlBorj Hair Clinic, we offer a range of services and treatments to offer you the best personalized solution: from nutritional solutions, to laser therapy, to advanced Hair Implantation Technique.

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