About Dr. Ziakas

Over 3,000 successful procedures performed!
Reflects the level of confidence our clients have in our expert, Dr.Dimitrios Ziakas who leads a team of experienced professionals to ensure maximum results.

Dr.Dimitrios Ziakas is a member of the International Society of Hair RestorationSurgery, with over 16 years of experience and research in hair restoration techniques.  

He has performed more than over 3000 successful hair transplants
with astounding results that have changed and transformed lives.

Globally recognised
for his keen artistic eye and extensive surgical experience that makes him increasingly popular in the Middle East, even attracting celebrities, renowned business men and eminent personalities to his fold. Even though his work takes him across global hotspots from Italy, England, France, India, Greece,Ireland and Cyprus and he is currently based in Dubai.

People always choose guaranteed results,
no matter the price

Dr Ziakas redefines hair restoration with the revolutionary Au Naturel Our ‘Au Naturale’ technique is a refreshing departure from the old ‘cut and paste’ methods of hair restoration which were not only painful but ineffective.  

Using the Au Naturale technique, each hair follicle is gently and carefully extracted from the donor area and then implanted directly. This not only ensures a more natural looking result with minimal scarring and is also virtually painless!

With Au Naturale, you benefit from:

● Healthy, natural looking hair
● Effective, safe treatment
● Treatments are completely performed by the doctor personally using the latest technology

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