About Alborj Hair clinic

At AlBorj, we have conducted over 3,000 surgical procedures successfully over the years. Which makes us one of the best solutions for baldness and scalp disorders with hair transplant and replacement for men and women in the UAE. Our expertise and knowledge is further enhanced by the fact that we are the pioneers of Direct Hair Implementation in the region!

These milestones have been achieved under the efforts of doctor Dimitrios Ziakas, a renowned member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, whose knowledge of hair restoration techniques is second to none.

Our Treatments

Our Vision

“To transform the hair restoration industry, through our proven treatments, research and expertise.”

Our Mission

“To restore the self-confidence of patients suffering from hairloss and scalp disorders through the use of state-of-the-art technology, education and research.”

Expertise enhanced by the latest Technology:
Our team has proven credentials under the leadership of Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas.His efforts along with the rest of the team have helped redefine our standards of hair restoration using innovation and technology combined with technical skill.

Why choosing the right hair clinic is so important:
When it comes to quality hair restoration, there are clinics that offer many low cost treatment options that promises quick and easy hair transplant solutions on a happy budget.  undefined

At AlBorj Hair Clinic, every hair follicle is given respect.

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